My Monthly Horoscopes

September 2019


The time is perfect to relax and enjoy life. You are more playful and loving than usual as well. These are the perfect days to work on your love life or to take part in social activities. Don’t settle for someone you actually don’t like enough if you start dating. This will only lead to painful situations. You might exaggerate with food, drinks or other substances. Try to control yourself or you’ll regret it later on. You could receive some unexpected news that will force you to change or adjust your plans. This could also lead to original ideas or special encounters.


You are in a very practical mood this month and you are trying your best to avoid mistakes. You have a great sense of responsibility and your serious attitude makes this a good time to deal with hard chores and tasks. Other people could ask you for your help or advice because you seem to be so wise. Thursday’s Full Moon in Capricorn will bring you inner peace. Some family or relationship problems could demand your attention. You are very caring and loving. You are very protective when it comes to your family. You deal with difficult issues in an adult and patient manner. You could feel nostalgic when look at old photo albums.


This months focus is your home, your family, Mother Nature and security. You want to adjust the direction you are headed for. The changes you make now will have a big impact on your future. So make sure you look at your life from an objective point of view. Take a look at what you can and want to change. You feel a lot affection and love surrounding you. A relationship will bring you sex or romance but not both at the same time. Old friends could return to your life. You feel confident and stand your ground. There aren’t a lot of things that will make you lose your balance.


You will do a lot of things in the upcoming week and month. They will be simple chores and tasks though like groceries, getting your administration up to date and taking short trips. Things seem to be quiet calm and you are able to relax. You feel very social and optimistic. This is the perfect time to make new friends and to do fun things together. Don’t lower your expectations when it comes to dating. Don’t just be together with someone because you don’t want to be alone. You could make a wrong choice then. Thursday’s Full Moon in Capricorn will bring you inner peace. It will smoothen out your relationships if you have enough patience to solve sensitive issues in a peaceful manner.


You will attract strong people, especially strong men, due to your assertiveness and your direct manner of communicating. You feel stronger than usual as well. Your libido is high and others feel easily attracted to you. You can make some changes in your daily routine this week. You will probably learn new things and you meet new people. You can solve problems you’ve been struggling with for awhile if you look at them from a different point of view. You can have some really interesting conversations this week as well.


You could feel a bit limited in your freedom due to certain obligations, people around you or circumstances. You feel a strong urge to help out others as well. You are trying to find the most practical approach to deal with things and you avoid mistakes. This week is great to deal with tough and complicated chores. It might be a good idea to show that you can be a good leader and to explain others what they need to do. The Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday can make you feel more emotional. You could have to deal with feelings of fear, gloominess and guilt. This Moon will also give you strength and bring you new opportunities to say goodbye to people or things that slow down your development. Let it go, Cancer!


You feel optimistic and happy. You are very social this month. It’s a great week to take part in social activities, to meet up with friends and to make new ones. Make sure you don’t eat too much because you easily gain weight. You have the tendency to exaggerate, not just when it comes to eating or drinking but also when spending money on luxury items and things you don’t need. Try to keep your wallet in your pocket. Mercury enters Leo on Friday and this will make you think faster and make you better in communicating. It’s a great time to have interesting conversations.


You are still in a period in which you prefer to spend time on your own, but Venus enters Cancer on Monday. Because of this you like to spend time with friends. You focus on the things you are passionate about. Do what you love. This month will bring you very enjoyable social activities. You will meet up with friends and acquaintances. Your mind is very active. You get one great idea after the other. It even makes you feel enthusiastic. Go for it, Virgo!


When the week starts you are making an effort to ground yourself. You do this because you want to feel calmer. You want to make the right decisions. Venus enters Cancer on Monday in the house of your career. You’ll start thinking about long-term plans and you set yourself some new goals. You try to connect with influential people. You try to make a good impression so they can help you along the way. You are very popular with your friends. One of these friends could connect you with someone who will become very important to you in the future. You are very positive and optimistic. Grab every opportunity with both hands.


The month starts with the Moon in your sign. That means you feel more energetic and you are ready for some action. Venus enters Cancer on Monday. You feel more adventurous in the upcoming period. You head towards your goals. You feel courageous and want to experience new things. You might even travel. From Friday on you might feel a bit lazier. It will be harder for you to resist temptations then. The planets are in a favourable position for your reputation and career. Be ambitious, work hard and be cheerful. Try to find the right balance between working hard and your social activities.


Listen carefully to what your gut tells you to do at the start of this month. If you feel insecure about something let your inner voice be your guide. It can show you the right path. Venus enters Cancer on Monday. You focus on serious matters and you prefer to do it together with someone. You will both profit from it. Your mind is still searching for new ideas and experiences. You are trying to expand your horizon and you like talking about your ideas with people who are on the same wavelength. Love is on your mind as well. If you are single you might meet a new potential partner this week. Pluto collides with Jupiter on Friday. This could lead to problems with authorities.


Hidden matters and secrets play a big part this month. You might head out to discover the truth. You want to get to the bottom of things. You are optimistic and positive. You are very popular as well. Your need for love and sexual energy will increase this week as well. Try not to be push. Venus enters the house of relationships on Monday. You enjoy spending more time with others. At the end of the week the Moon will be positioned in your sign. You do something that is important to you and you want to do things you love doing.