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My Weekly Horoscopes

May 20 - May 27


This week the focus lies on your home and family, your ancestors and your basic needs. This includes children, redecorating your house, your diet, nature and the garden. You might work from home or there is a different reason that you spend more time at home. You could feel a new, fresh romantic connection with someone. This could turn into true love. You could feel a bit restless. You feel an itch to travel. Be careful with feelings of vengeance, neglected chores. Things could explode right now.


You’ll have to deal with a lot of easy chores, messages and visits. This will make you feel busy. You might start a friendship with a man and this person will come to help you. You like spending time at home. There might be some discussions about possessions, income and money. This is not a good week for purchases. Take some time to rest and recharge your batteries. Give yourself time to think about things. You could come up with a great new idea or a new philosophy about life. A Scorpio or Capricorn could be a part of this.


People love being around you. Some of your friends or acquaintances might even flirt with you. This week is a great week to talk to your partner about money, purchases or sensitive subjects. You’ve got money on your mind. Buy some things or research the possibilities to increase your income. You talk a lot and you might feel a bit restless as if you don’t feel quite right at the moment. Your career, reputation and the relationship with important people are important to you as well. These are also the reasons for you to work really hard. Your energy levels will increase as the week progresses.


Over the next few years your ambition and career will become more and more important to you. Until that time you will be busy with studying and travelling. You could meet or be introduced to someone this week. This might not seem an important meeting at first but the relationship with this person could become very important. You are bubbling with energy this week. Go out and show the world what you are made of. Your artistic and creative qualities are wonderful. Show your abilities as a leader as well and do things that are important to you. You’re going to be successful in a lot of things and you feel as if you have your life under control. Let others talk in conversations. Listen to what they have to say. Sit back and wait.


Take it a bit easy this week, Gemini. Your mood could be less positive than usual and you feel a bit tired. Deal with chores that have been lying around for a while or invest some time and attention in people you have neglected. Pay visits, make phone calls, deal with your administration, taxes or fix things around the house. Even though you have less energy you are still popular and look great. This attracts people. Try to avoid extramarital affairs and those kinds of temptations.


You could have to deal with power struggles, financial investments and secrets this week. You might want to make some lifestyle changes as well. There’s a big chance for success but don’t take any unnecessary risks. You are very popular and you can enjoy all kinds of social activities this week. You don’t mind a little flirting either. It’s a great week to make plans and to imagine what your future will look like. Relationships and friendships remain intense and full of changes. Talk about love with someone this week


Your career remains important to you. Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Try to catch the attention of people who can help you or maybe even the media. Your work is very demanding and it’s sometimes hard for you to deal with all those responsibilities, especially when you feel you need to choose between your work, your family or the things you love doing. Someone, probably a woman, will show you that she’s a good friend on whom you can count. A friendship could turn into something more romantic this week.


You are quick witted and you are extremely sensitive this week. People will come to you to ask for advice. You empathize with others and you keep their feelings in mind when you do something. It’s a great week to write, publish something or to go to cultural and social events. It’s also a good week to fall in love. Visit some new places to meet new people if you are single. Keep in mind that sex and love are two different things. If you can’t say anything nice in a certain situation it’s better to keep quiet.


There might be some tensions at home or in your relationship this week up until the middle of May. Be careful when choosing your words. Try to understand what is wrong and talk about it. Avoid arguments as much as possible in any kind of situation. You are in the middle of a month full of mysteries, financial arrangements and mysteries. You might want to make some changes in your life. You love researching things and being some kind of detective. If you start getting feelings for someone this week, there is a big chance it’ll be a Taurus.


Your mind will be occupied with relationships this week and the upcoming one. Be wise, work along, be faithful and act like a true diplomat. You could have to deal with a larger audience, become famous or broaden your horizon in a different way. You are quick with words. This could be practical at work. You’ll probably feel a bit restless at the beginning of the week and you have a hard time focusing on your job. Be careful with your colleagues. At the end of the week there will be romance in the air. Enjoy it!


This week your main focus is your work and your health. You’ll probably have to travel more or communicate more for work. This might happen through the Internet or over the phone. You can also expect some love messages as well. You might even write a love later or receive some romantic texts. Some of you probably have to deal with someone who has more feelings for you than you do for him/her. You need to realize this and not play with his/her feelings. You become more romantic as the week progresses. You see the beauty in things. You want to have some fun but you can expect the unexpected. Try to stay calm in any situation.


Life is beautiful this week and romantic as well. You see the beauty in things. You feel creative, dare to take a risk and you are adventurous. The mood at work is great and your colleagues are friendly. You might even have feelings for one special colleague. A romance might happen. You will have to deal with some necessary discussions at home. Stay calm and don’t be stubborn because they won’t like that. Listen to what others have to say because maybe you are not right about this.