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My Weekly Horoscopes

Feb 4 - Feb 10


The New Moon takes place in Capricorn at the start of the week. You like doing things on your own and in your own way. You prefer to remain behind the scenes instead of being in the spotlights. A month with less energy will end on Friday. From then on you’ll feel more energized. Venus enters your sign on Wednesday and the Sun will do the same thing on Friday. Now is the time for a new start. Start up a new project. Avoid problems with superiors and colleagues by behaving well at work. Connect with others. Help others. Join a club. Spend time with other people. You will soon encounter some new and very interesting friends.


You have felt pretty relaxed lately. You are popular and in a good mood. This feeling will only increase this week. Head out. Accept those invitations and meet new people. Picture yourself a positive future. The New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday will make you dream about beautiful things you want to achieve in your future. You open up to new things. You can already make progress if you grab the opportunities that come your way. Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday and the Sun follows on Friday. This is the start of a month in which you’ll take things easy. You prefer to spend some time on your own once in a while. Trust your intuition, Pisces.


This is the last week that you’ll feel so much pressure. A month of social fun, popularity, flirting, luck and hope will start on Friday. Work hard until Friday. You could receive new instructions. Your urge to do the things you want to do is very strong but try not to be too impulsive. Don’t do anything dangerous. Take care of your health. Because of the New Moon that is positioned in your house of career you will focus on your ambitions and goals. You’ll focus even more on the future when Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday and the Sun does the same thing on Friday. You are expanding your social circle. You are stepping out of your comfort zone. You love to experiment with new things.


The New Moon on Tuesday will bring you some grand ideas and you think about how you can accomplish them as well. You feel very optimistic. Later on this week you become a little bit more realistic when Venus enters the house of your career. The Sun will do the same thing on Friday and this will make you think in a very practical way. You are trying to find a way to speed up your progress. A month filled with learning new things and broadening your horizon ends on Friday. Now a month starts in which you become more ambitious. You will also have to deal with matters that involve authorities. There is room for romance as well though. Relationships will become stronger and become more harmonious. New relationships could flourish. Stay alert when you receive a tempting offer. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.


The New Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday makes sure that you are on top of things. And if you think you don’t know enough about something you immediately start researching it. You ask for advice as well. Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday and the Sun does the same thing on Friday. This will make you feel more confident. You are ready for an adventure. You believe in yourself and you grab every chance that comes your way. This is a very good week to make lifestyle changes. It’s also a perfect week for medical treatments and research. Look beyond the obvious things and be prepared to take immediate action. Clearly state what you think of something. Your chances to find a new love increase during the weekend or maybe your partner will propose. Work towards your goals in a confident manner.


Due to the New Moon in your house of relationships you will focus mainly on the people around you. You are improving your relationships and are willing to make compromises. You meet new people. This will only increase when Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday and the Sun does the same thing on Friday. It will be easier for you to express your feelings. You are working on making changes. Your days are filled with relationships, challenges, competition and opportunities. Be cooperative. You need to realize that you need others to succeed. People are interested in you and want to learn what your plans are. Avoid stress because stress is harmful for your health. Don’t just assume that everyone is being honest. Use your intuition.


You have a great eye for details due to the New Moon positioned in your house of work on Tuesday. You are very efficient and productive. It is easier for you to make lifestyle changes as well. Venus enters your house of relationships on Wednesday and the Sun does the same thing on Friday. People will become more important to you. You enjoy being in other people’s company and you are trying to make things cosy. But until Friday you still have to do a lot of work. Colleagues are very helpful and kind. You’ll be busy with conversations and sending messages. You are interested in a healthy lifestyle. You could have an exciting encounter in the upcoming weeks. Don’t worry too much. Just let things happen. It could involve moving, an attractive person, a business proposal or a contract. Your life becomes sexier and more mysterious this week.


You see the beauty in everything this week, Virgo, and that feels great. Create something beautiful or try something new. The New Moon is positioned in your house of love on Tuesday and you’ll invest more time in things you love. You could easily fall in love as well. Devices or computers could suddenly break down this week but you should wait to buy a new one. When Venus enters your house of work on Wednesday love and beauty becomes less important and work will become more important. The Sun will also shift into your house of work on Friday. You become more serious and you deal with things that need to be done. You are disciplined. You’ll also receive more opportunities. You are expanding your horizon.


Over the past month you have been busy with things around your home and you have found peace within yourself. This week is the beginning of a period of creativity, pleasure and love. The New Moon in the house of your home and family on Tuesday will make you work on your confidence. It will be easy for you to start up something entirely new. Fix those things at home, Libra. Money comes your way as well. Pay off your debts before you spend it. Your mind is occupied by conversations about your home or the future. Solve family problems, repair things and secure your house. Be careful with gambling. You could become very disappointed. When Venus enters your house of love on Wednesday and the Sun does the same thing on Friday your life will become more playful and more creative.


You’ll still remain busy at work this week. It’s not going to be anything complicated, just some chores and conversations. Finish as much tasks as possible. Be careful if you are working with dangerous devices or machines. You’ll focus on short-term plans and new ideas. Your mind is busy and you are enthusiastic about your own ideas. When Venus enters the house of your home and family on Wednesday you will focus more on your own needs and emotions. You like to spend time at home. The Sun follows on Friday and your home and family become even more important. Romance is in the air. Make things cosy, cook a good meal and invite some friends. It’s going to be a good week, Scorpio.


You start the week with the New Moon in your financial house and because of this you invest a lot of attention in financial opportunities. Until Friday the focus will remain on possessions and money. You deal with financial matters and buy or sell things. You’ll be busy with phone calls, your administration and chore. Do what you have to do but don’t exaggerate. Don’t start any big new projects. Enjoy the peace of your home. You are living more in the moment and you need loved ones around you. Venus enters Aquarius on Wednesday and the Sun follows on Friday. You open up to new ideas and plans. You easily share them with others as well. You are making plans to travel to somewhere far away. It’s going to be a pleasant week, Sagittarius.


You are in control of things this week. You will receive more than one perfect opportunity. You can show that your capabilities as a leader. You feel energetic. The week starts with the Moon in your sign and the New Moon in Capricorn as well. This is the perfect time to start something new or travel to a new place. Make plans so you can take action when the time is right. Your plans could be messed up this week by problems at home or money. Venus enters your financial house on Wednesday and the Sun follows on Friday. Money becomes more important to you. Financial activities work out well even when you’re not really lucky this month. Try to work together with others. That will work out better than when you do things on your own. You need more stability in your life at the moment.