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Pay Day Jackpots



On the last day of every month, you can join your twinkling friends in our Pay Day Jackpot Game where there is even more chances at winning a cash prize! Simply purchase tickets in time for our grand game and you won't miss out on a chance to win big!

Tickets cost 50p a pop and the game will take place from 8pm! Check your calendars every month to make sure you know what day the Pay Day Jackpot is playing on.

A staggering £2000 Community Jackpot has to be won and shared amongst 6 different prizes – One Line, Two Lines, Full House, 1TG, 2TG & 3TG!

That’s right, you don’t even have to win on the regular prizes to grab a share of the Diamond Community Jackpot – you simply need to end with either 1TG, 2TG or 3TG and you will share a prize amongst other players who have finished in the same position as you!

That means there will be plenty more players shining bright with winnings when the Payday Jackpot takes place.

Check out the following to find out what prizes you can be in with a chance at winning:

One Line Win: £250 Jackpot

Two Lines Win: £400 Jackpot

Full House Win: £600 Jackpot

1TG Win: £250 Jackpot

2TG Win: £250 Jackpot

3TG Win: £250 Jackpot